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What do we do?

Throughout the year the Nelson County Master Gardeners host and attend public events around the county, including garden festivals, farmers markets, crafts, and other programs to bring sound gardening advice to event-goers. We talk one-on-one with the public and we will discuss with you what plants will grow in different conditions, how to help them thrive, and we will even diagnose your plant problems if you bring us a sample.

Our goal is to help the public learn easy-to-follow tips they can do on their own that will help them get more joy from their gardens, and to learn from research-based Extension and other sources what can go wrong in the garden and what to do about it in environmentally sensitive ways.

Upcoming Events

Find us at the Nelson County Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8am-Noon from May to October!

Also visit us at the RVCC Indoor Markets! 

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