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What Is A Master Gardener?

The Nelson County Master Gardeners are part of something big.

The Extension Master Gardener Program, conducted throughout the United States and Canada, is a two-part educational effort. Volunteers receive many hours of horticulture training. In exchange they volunteer their time to the local university extension agents.

Trained to Virginia Cooperative Extension standards in environmental horticulture, Nelson County's Extension Master Gardeners can answer questions relating to gardening matters and help identify and solve solve problems with soils, pests, plant diseases, and much more. If the Master Gardener or the Extension Agent cannot identify the issue, a specimen will be sent to Virginia Tech labs for further analysis and recommendation.

Contact us about the program

Interested in becoming a Master Gardener? The Nelson County Master Gardeners are happy to answer your questions about the program! Fill our our interest form below.

Visit our Help Desk to ask a gardening question by clicking the button below.

Join the Master Gardener Program

Thrive with us!

The Nelson County Master Gardeners have an education team that connects with potential trainees to determine if the program is a good fit. They discuss a variety of things such as:

  • Subjects covered by the training program

  • Commitment of volunteer hours (per year) 

  • Associated costs for training materials

  • Volunteer assignment opportunities 

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