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The Bugs and Birds Will Love You

Mallory Creek Native Grasses And Wildflower Meadow Project.

Prior to the spring of 2013 - 18,000 square feet of turf grass was located next to the Rockfish Valley Community Center. The grass provided little if any resource for pollinators or insects.

Inspired by forward thinkers such as Doug Tallamy, Rick Darke, Barbara Kingsolver and others, the Nelson County Master Gardeners wanted to create a biodiverse area that would support bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinators as well as provide habitat for small animals, arthropods, and birds.

To make way for our native grasses and wildflower meadow, we had to rid the area of turf grass. We accomplished this using a process known as solarization.

The entire area was covered with clear plastic and left in place until the heat of early summer had killed the grass and any dormant seed near the surface. Then approximately 12 pounds of seed were installed using a no till drill. Over 50 types of native perennial plant seeds were sown.

By August the meadow was lush with blackeyed susans, New England asters, daisys, sunflowers, yarrow, and many other native plants. The area was literally abuzz with pollinator activity!

As we enter our 5th growing season, we can already see this amazing piece of horticultural art coming back to life.

Come and stroll around the meadow and witness the broad animal and plant diversity present. If you like what you see, then plant some native plants at your place. The bugs and birds will love you for it.


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